Team Bio's

Here is a list of our crew members. Most of this crew has worked together for over 7 years. We are efficient in all areas of production.

Todd Hoot

President & CEO

I have been in the painting field for over 35 years. After many of those years of learning I decided it was time to start my own company. 

Kurstie Hainer

Sub Contractor [Foreman}

Kurstie has been here for over 8 years and is a strong and valuable asset to this company.

Dorian Lapoint

Sub Contractor [Foreman]

Dorian is experienced in all areas of painting. He has been with us for over 7 year. Dorian runs many jobs and we are very happy that he is on our team.

Kevin Jacobs

Sub Contractor

Kevin is fairly new to our team roster. we are very glad to have him on our team.

Zack Hoot

Sub Contractor

Zack has been with us for years and has proven to be a huge help to this team

Dylan Meyers

Sub Contractor

One our newest members of the team.

Luke Simpson

Sub Contractor

Luke is our part time sub. Love this kid on our team.

Jason Ohlman

Sub Contractor

Jason is a long team member and has returned to help the team.

Raymond Hoot

My Dad

Ray is a part time sub contractor that brings life to the company.




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